Comfortable Children Swim Goggles With Ear Plugs

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Comfortable Children Swim Goggles With Ear Plugs

Dive into the pool with confidence with our Comfortable Children Swim Goggles With Ear Plugs. Designed specifically for kids, these swim goggles offer both comfort and safety, ensuring a delightful swimming experience. Equipped with ear plugs, they provide added protection and peace of mind while your child enjoys their time in the water.

Key Features:
SWIMMING ACCESSORIES: Kids swim goggles cap set matching swim goggles, goggles box, swim cap, earplugs, nose clip, portable travel more at ease.
THREE LAYERS OF ANTI FOG: Kids' swim goggles use three-layer anti-fog technology, UV protection, professional HD, and underwater vision.

    ADJUSTABLE GOGGLE STRAP: Kids swim goggles are designed with adjustable straps, adjustable according to the size of the head, and a thoughtful waterproof design.

      ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Kids swim goggles are ergonomically designed to fit closely to the eye socket, reducing the pressure on the eye socket and taking care of the eyes.

        SILICONE SWIM CAP: Kids swim cap is made of silicone, built in non slip pattern, soft fit, large version, strong elasticity and no head strangulation.

          Product Specification:
          • Material: Silicone
          • Packaging Size: 20X15X8 cm
          • Product Size: 19cm x 13cm x 6cm

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